11 mei 2015 - RTL Ondernemerszaken

NetStream in uitzending RTL Ondernemerszaken

Onlangs was NetStream te gast in de uitzending van RTL Ondernemerszaken. Aflevering 13 staat in het teken van IT infrastructuur en informatiemanagement. Je data opslaan in de cloud wordt steeds populairder. Hoe groot is het beveiligingsrisico met de toename van cloudoplossingen en hoe minimaliseer je dit risico? Aan het woord directeur Marvin Sturrus over hoe NetStream inspeelt op de actuele ontwikkelingen.




20 februari 2015 - Michael Heering

NetStream BV behaalt Sophos Platinum Solution partner status

Beveiligings en netwerkspecialist NetStream mag zich sinds kort Sophos Platinum Solution reseller noemen. Daarmee is het bedrijf de derde partner van de security vendor die zich deze titel aanmeet. "Dit is een prachtige kroon op ons werk na 6 jaar samenwerken en het biedt mooie vooruitzichten naar de toekomst.", vertelt Marvin Sturrus, directeur van NetStream.

Zes jaar geleden begon NetStream als partner van Astaro met het doorverkopen van oplossingen voor netwerkbeveiliging. Sinds de overname van Astaro in 2011 door Sophos, heeft de security vendor zich nog beter weten te positioneren als marktleider op het gebied van netwerkbeveiliging en is NetStream uitgegroeid tot een van de beste kennispartners van Sophos op het gebied van UTM (Unified Threat Management). "Sophos is in staat snel nieuwe technologieën in de markt te zetten. Hiernaast maken ze gebruik van eersteklas hardware van Intel wat de stabiliteit en betrouwbaarheid ten goede komt. NetStream hanteert net als Sophos een no-nonsense mentaliteit en heeft veel technische kennis. Daarom zijn wij in staat de producten van Sophos ten volle te benutten bij onze klanten. Nieuwe, betere en veiligere functies worden door ons direct bij klanten ingezet nadat deze door ons zijn getest.”, aldus Sturrus.

Nu Sophos in 2014 ook de overname van Cyberoam bekend maakte, wil het bedrijf zich nog meer vestigen als absolute leider op het gebied van netwerkbeveiliging. Het komende jaar rolt Sophos ook de eerste geïntegreerde oplossingen uit voortkomend uit deze fusie wat ook door NetStream wordt gezien als een mooie uitdaging. "We kijken uit naar de introductie van UTM v10, wat een volgende generatie firewall software in zal luiden, en ook nieuwe successen voor NetStream en Sophos."

Over NetStream: Sinds 2000 is NetStream een ervaren en dedicated leverancier van netwerk-, informatiebeveiliging en thuiswerkoplossingen. Cybercrime is een groeiend probleem en veel bedrijven gaan hierbij onzorgvuldig met de beveiliging van hun netwerk om, dit roept om doordachte oplossingen. Het gespecialiseerde NetStream zorgt voor de beveiliging van net -en thuiswerkoplossingen op maat. Ook de bewaking en het beheer van deze oplossingen zijn bij NetStream in goede handen. Kijk voor meer informatie op




7 augustus 2014 - Sophos - Sally Adam

5 reasons to make your next firewall a Sophos firewall

When we surveyed IT professionals recently about how old their firewall is, 51% of them said three or more years.

If you’re one of them, you’re probably missing out on the latest functionality — from advanced threat protection, app control and branch office VPN, to mobile NAC, email and endpoint protection.

There are many reasons why you should consider Sophos for your next firewall — here are five of them.

1. We keep it simple. It’s super easy to deploy, manage, and use – you’ll never need to configure with the command-line again.

2. You get lightning speed. Our SG Series appliances blow the competition away in independent tests. And if you prefer you can go software, virtual or cloud-based instead.

3. Everything’s on one box. It gives you the latest next-gen firewall features. Plus email, endpoint, and mobile features you can’t get anywhere else.

4. Reporting’s built in. Detailed reports come as standard, stored locally on a built-in hard drive. No separate appliances or tools required.

5. And we’re a three-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader. No other firewall vendor can say that. So you can rest assured you get proven protection you can trust from a Leader in UTM, Endpoint and Mobile Data Protection.

All of this good stuff, packaged in one super-fast, easy-to-use solution.

To learn more, and see how we stack up against the competition, visit




14 april 2014 - Sophos - Barbara Hudson

Introducing the Sophos SG Series – our fastest appliances ever!

We’re very proud to announce a new generation of network security appliances: the Sophos SG Series. Engineered on the very latest Intel technology, they’re built to provide optimal performance, versatility and efficiency to meet the growing security needs of organizations of diverse sizes. Read on for a message from Guenter Junk, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Network Security Group, introducing our fastest appliances ever.

The SG Series portfolio

Whether you need a solution for a small remote office, want to protect your school campus, or are a global organization requiring high-availability and enterprise-grade features, our SG Series has a model to suit your needs. We will be introducing a total of 12 appliances in the coming months starting with six mid-range models in April.*

Better performance

With more bandwidth-intensive applications being used and the need for multi-faceted security to prevent today’s sophisticated attacks, a key consideration in designing these appliances was to have a significant performance boost.

Recent third-party tests conducted by Miercom Labs proved that the SG Series performance is second to none. We will be publishing the full test results shortly but you can find the first information here. That means SG Series appliances can effortlessly run multiple security applications and still provide the throughput needed to be responsive when processing large volumes of data.

Better technology

One major influence in getting us to our performance goals is the use of the latest Intel technology. Why do we use Intel vs. proprietary hardware chips like ASICs? Very simple: flexibility and scalability.

You don’t just buy an appliance to use now – generally you keep them over a number of years. As we add features with every new version of our software and provide enhancements – improving overall performance – we want our customers to see these improvements right away, without having to change their hardware or upgrade anything.

That would not be the case if we used ASICs. In addition, we’ve greatly increased memory capacity and integrated high-speed, high-volume Solid State Drives (SSDs). All this makes the hardware noticeably more responsive when generating complex reports on-box, for example.

Flexible connectivity

Network infrastructure is rarely static. You may have more bandwidth available that you want to make use of, or introduce high-speed fiber-optic networks.

An appliance you can adapt to suit your changing connectivity requirements offers better value for your money – today and tomorrow.

Our mid-range appliances all come with expansion bays for optional FleXi Port modules. Customers can choose between copper and 1 GbE or 10 GbE fiber ports to tailor hardware to their individual needs. The modules are also fully interchangeable between the 1U models in this, so even if the hardware is upgraded to a larger appliance, you can simply continue to use the FleXi Port modules you’ve already purchased.

SG 430 with the 3 available FleXi Ports fitted

SG 430 with the 3 available FleXi Ports fitted

Same protection for every business

Our approach provides the same level of protection for every size of business.

You often see competitor solutions being positioned for small businesses just by removing features. With Sophos, the same security features are available on every appliance – from the smallest desktop box to the largest 2U datacenter model.

Your company’s data is valuable to you no matter what size you are, and it deserves the same level of protection.

Same great value

Whether you choose to deploy our software on a new SG Series, a UTM Series, as a software or virtual appliance or even in the Amazon cloud, you’re guaranteed the best balance of performance and protection – on that you have my word.

With the very best regards,

Guenter Junk

General Manager and Senior Vice President, Network Security Group

Sophos SG Series launch event

Check out the SG Series appliances on the UTM product page on our website. To learn more about new features in UTM Accelerated (9.2), check out our recent blog posts or visit

Watch this video to get an overview of the SG Series.




14 april 2014 - Sophos Press Release

Sophos Boosts Network Security Performance with New Series of Hardware Appliances

SG Series Utilizes New Intel™ Core Processors to Accelerate Sophos UTM and Next-Gen Firewall Solutions

Oxford – April 14, 2014 – Sophos today announced a major refresh of its network Security Gateway hardware with the availability of the new Sophos SG Series appliances. These high-performance hardware appliances - based on the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors – deliver up to four times the speed of the previous UTM generation appliances and leapfrog competitive offerings, as proven in recent independent testing.

“The new Sophos SG Series appliances are the fastest UTM and Next-Gen Firewall devices we’ve ever produced,” said Guenter Junk, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Network Security Group, Sophos. “They run our latest operating system, version 9.2, and are optimized to get the most out of latest performance innovations from Intel to ensure our customers and partners get an unrivalled performance and protection combination.”

The new SG Series includes models to meet the requirements of small offices to large, distributed enterprises. These 1U appliances are available today in the mid-range 200, 300 and 400 models.  They all deliver over 10 Gbit/sec firewall throughput to easily handle the demands of multi-layered protection. The SG Series is the 6th generation of Sophos security gateways built on an Intel® architecture, to enable Sophos customers to quickly benefit from the frequent performance and protection enhancements. They utilize Intel® technologies including high-speed LAN interfaces, high volume Solid State Drives and AES-NI acceleration.

“By using Intel® Architecture, Sophos has been able to use the performance gains we’ve been able to deliver with the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors which delivers improved software processing architecture,” said Bob Ghaffari, Director, Communications and Storage Infrastructure Division, Intel. “Sophos has been able to see dramatic performance improvements by unlocking Intel’s core processor capabilities to make fast, intelligent decisions.”

The SG Series run the latest Sophos UTM 9.2 operating system which features over 150 enhancements including new Advanced Threat Protection and SPX Email Encryption functionality. Designed to run on an Intel architecture, version 9.2 can also be deployed on Intel compatible servers as virtual appliances and in the cloud using Amazon Web Services.

Bruce Kneece, Chief Technology Officer at Convergent Information Security Solutions, said, “Our team was heavily involved in the UTM 9.2 beta program.  From the outset we liked what we saw - added performance and simplicity across the board.  Version 9.2 running on the SG Series hardware is a true winner.  It’s easy for us to recommend it to our customers.”

Additional information on all of the features in Sophos SG Series appliances and Sophos network security solutions is available at:




10 maart 2014 - Sophos - Barbara Hudson

The wait is over: Introducing Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2), our best UTM release ever

Today is the day we announce UTM Accelerated (9.2) to the world. If you’ve been following our blog series over the past couple of weeks, you’ll already know about many of the excellent new features we’re introducing. However, you may still be asking yourself why we’re calling this version of our UTM “accelerated” and how you can get hold of this great new software. Read on.

Why “Accelerated”?

This release is all about shifting up a gear to more quickly recognize a broader range of threats and rapidly alert administrators to allow them to isolate infected systems. It’s about accelerating scanning speeds – in particular for IPS – to ensure the optimal use of resources in every deployment scenario and the best possible performance. And it’s about streamlining administration processes to provide simple yet more effective security.

Challenged by complexity, limited by resources

The typical Sophos UTM customer is what we call a pragmatic enterprise. They have limited IT resources and want a single solution to provide complete security. But they don’t want to make security compromises due to the size of their business. Rightly so! UTM 9.2 offers many features which other vendors can often only offer in a separate appliance, designed with the larger enterprise in mind. That means their products are complex to set up and maintain — and when you start to scale down the solution, you lose important functionality. That’s not the way we work. Every feature is available on every appliance, accessible to organizations of any size.

Advanced Threat Protection gets faster and smarter

Advanced Threat Protection in this release is near and dear to us. It’s a prime example of how we can provide enterprise-grade security for the mid-market – without the complexity or the need for additional budget. By combining a number of technologies we’re able to leverage multiple layers to detect more threats and prevent wider damage to the network.

Click, click, secure

You may have heard us say in our videos that simple security is better security. Set it up, switch it on, and it just works. But sometimes you can’t entirely factor the user out of that process. If something can be automated, of course, we’ll automate it – see our email encryption and DLP. But if not, then we try to look at how users work and give them tools they can and will use. Whether that’s ensuring they can use their smartphone to authenticate, or providing more user-friendly ways to log in to the web with their latest iOS or Android device.

How do we measure up?

UTM 9.2 is one of the most feature-rich unified solutions on the market. For example, numerous third parties have already endorsed the suitability of our Web Application Firewall as a Microsoft TMG replacement. But what about how we compare with Fortinet, DELL SonicWALL, WatchGuard or other network security solutions? Now could be the ideal time for you to make a change. If you want to find out how we measure up, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you or provide a quote.

Last but not least, UTM Accelerated (9.2) is now available for manual download for existing customers to upgrade. The automatic upgrade process will begin in early April and run over a number of weeks. Any customer who purchases UTM today will also be able to upgrade and — provided you have a license for the respective module — benefit from the host of new features in this release at no extra cost. And yes, you read that correctly.

It would be our pleasure to give you the chance to enjoy your UTM Accelerated (9.2) experience very soon. If you do have any questions or comments, as always, we’re only an email or a phone call away.




1 januari 2014 - How Sophos UTM compares with Fortinet, DELL SonicWALL, WatchGuard or other network security solutions

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